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Subject: RE: Payload update (New Web Site Info)

Message text written by Nicholas Kassem
As for broken RR DTD's that's an entirely different matter. I hope and 
assume you are posting this to the RR WG so it gets fixed. Is this the case



Farrukh kinda finessed this too - by shunting all the DTD's into his 
single RegRep 08 DTD structure.  This did not fix everything, but at least
this parses.  So we have a band-aid that can get us thru this next
week and the PoC.

Fixing all the DTD's individually and the classification issues is more
work than we can do right now given everything else we have to 
do.  I have made a note of the issues and we can work them in Tokyo.

The long term answer is to just put this down to PoC lessons learned 
and then RegRep can work on new improved versions for Vancouver.

Thanks, DW.

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