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Subject: Track 2 & 3 Ack's

We've had some discussion on the POC thread concerning relaxing the Ack
requirement.  I just spoke with Sanjay and I wanted to be sure that we have
reached a consenus as a group.

In this case, a reduction in scope is requested for Track 2 & 3.  The
current request is to have the Ack's be TR&P leevl Acks and not business
level Acks.  This amounts to a TR&P MessageType of "Acknowledgment" with no
payload from the business level.  For the sake of the demo, this is
acceptable.  We get the Ack and still leave the door open for business level
Acks at a later date when more of the business process models are defined.

If there are no objections, let us use this and move forward.



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