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Subject: Following up on myself...on Headerfor RR Browse and Drill Down in Track 1

> > 2.  Should we be using the ReceiverURI element in the 
> > RoutingHeader as the URI where to send the response? 
> Good question. I was doing a lookup in the barebones
> CPA database info I have (select URL from ... where DUNSId =...)
> Are the specs saying we take this info off the header
> dynamically? 
> I would think Chris Ferris would be saying no to this!

I am uncertain whether the routing header stuff is supposed
to be in the POC headers for Tokyo. TRP's MSS Version 0.21d has
a dtd that still omits them. I got a dtd, level1-10122000.dtd,
that has a routingheader section but there seem to be two
additional fields beyond what Farrukh has in his instance,
and I don'tsee that they are optional. 

Finally just for a final dose
of confusion, there is no mention of this subtree and 
all its elements in the ebXML POC Header v0.111

I guess you take your pick-- Nick we need a ruling on header spec
for Tokyo soon.


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