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Subject: Communications transscript track 3


I've been working on the demo application for Tokyo, Track 3 (Automotive
track). For those interested, I've included a transscript of the
communications between the buyer and the supplier. Some things were not
entirely clear to me; I hope we can clarify those asap.

(O)  I think the headers in the headers-document on the web site are out of
date. I had to make a few modifications to make them work with the latest
DTD that Mark sent out. Does anyone have the latest headers? 
(O)  Since the acknowledgments don't have payloads, the manifests can be
omitted, am I right?
(O)  Do all four documents share the same conversation ID? Or is the Receipt
a separate conversation? I've assumed they are all the same.
(O)  I have assumed that I can lookup the appropriate CPA by taking the
TPAId from the header (/ebXMLHeader/Header/TPAInfo/TPAId), and looking for a
CPA that has a matching CPA name (/CPA/CPAInfo/CPAName). Is this correct?
(O)  Using the CPA, I look up the URL of the trading partner as follows:
- I look up the name of the party using the role name
- From there, I look up the party name (../RolePlayer).
- Next, I look up the transport that has the same party name
- In this transport, I take the RequestURL and use this URL to send the ACK
and receipt to.
Is this procedure acceptable? BTW: if I can look up the URL in the CPA, why
do I need to know the domain name beforehand?

IBM and Netfish: we're demoing together in this scenario. Could the persons
that are hands-on involved in testing send me an email? Maybe we can start
testing with eachother to make sure that the demo will be smooth.

Kind regards,

Frank Kieviet, IPNet


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