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Subject: Re: How is this supposed to work?

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi

You are right that the response is sent to the URI that is looked up in the
based on DUNS number.


At some point we need to raise this as an issue with TRP.

Unlike TRP exchanges that require some business process,
RegRep Requests are to the large part automated.

This therefore leaves open the possiblity that inadvertently or
deliberately someone could exploit this to send junk messages
endlessly to someone else.  This is a 'feature' of TRP that 
RegRep does not need IMO.

It also highlights the need for us to examine in a transport
neutral way exactly what functionality we really need for RegRep.
I'd be much more comfortable with creating such a transport
requirements base set.  Then allowing people to show how
TRP fulfils that, and so on.  Time did not permit this for the PoC
but this should definately be revisited.

Thanks, DW.

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