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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: POC Document Final release (until the next release ;-))


	Here is the final release of the POC document. Please let me know if I am
missing something, I will correct them ASAP. I am leaving tomorrow by 9:00
AM. Will monitor e-mail till that time.

	Thanks to JP for the excellent exec summary. I had to do some editing to
fit and combine it with what we had before. I also added a few boxes around
main concepts. I actually want to add a few graphics later to emphasize the
salient points. Please suggest some graphics.

	Hopefully the paras flow together, in spite of the damage I have done.

	I will work on this more for our road show and continuing efforts towards
Vancouver and Vienna.

	cheers to all and see you in Tokyo.

	Note : Sorry for the duplicate e-mail for some of you, I just want to make
sure this gets out in case of some rejection.

ebXMLTokyo POC Proposal-1000.pdf

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