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Subject: POC PR event decision by Nov 14

Hi All,

First of all, let me say that it was a GREAT POC demo in Tokyo.  The
demo really show how far we have come in the initiative and got people
really excited.

Like I said earlier today, we really need a decision (commitment) on the
POC PR event by next Tuesday, Nov 14.  If we want to have the event the
week of Nov 27, we don't have much time.

What I need from everyone is a commitment for the POC PR event and when
you would rather have it (week of Nov 27 or Dec 11).

Steve Yung, steven.yung@sun.com
Market Segment Manager
XML/Web Development Solutions
Sun Microsystems
Phone: +1-650-786-8469
Fax: +1-650-786-3674

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