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Subject: Re: ebXML PoC -- feedback to working groups


Any feedback for the Registry specs?



Philippe DeSmedt wrote:

> All,
> At our post-PoC planning meeting in Tokyo, I was asked to coordinate the
> feedback from the PoC team to the various working groups.
> Let me summarize what I have heard so far:
> *       the lack of precise specifications for multi-hop messaging caused
> some confusion; in particular, acknowledgements cannot currently be sent
> back to the original sender using the path (through the hub) that the
> original message took, but rather, the acknowledgement is sent back directly
> to the sender: the reason is that there is no place in the header to keep
> that information; furthermore, there are various interpretations as to what
> the acknowledgement should convey, i.e., received at the next hop, or
> received at the final destination;
> resolution: this has been brough to the attention of the TR&P working group,
> which is currently taking on the specifications for multi-hop messaging;
> *       optionality is a problem: some of the fields in the header are
> specified as optional (e.g. RefToMsgId (sp?)); optionality greatly decreases
> the likelihood of out-of-the-box interoperability;
> resolution: this has been brought to the attention of the TR&P woking group;
> they will look carefully at all of the fields (current and future) that are
> optional;
> *       default values can be a problem:
> resolution: the TR&P group suggested that we look at the latest spec (0.8),
> as the number of attributes with optional values has been reduced;
> *       I know that Hatem and his team have a number of issues that they
> want to bring up (Hatem: could you please make that list available to the
> mailing list? Thanks much!)
> Please let me know if there are any issues that I have missed, or if there
> are new ones that you have thought about. It is important that our feedback
> gets communicated to the various working groups. So far, comments seem to
> pertain to TR&P. Are there any other groups that we have feedback for? TP?
> Reg/Rep? ...
> Thanks.
> -Philippe
> _______________________________
> Philippe De Smedt
> Architect
> Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
> 1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
> Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
> (408) 548-9722
> (408) 747-5586 (fax)
> pdesmedt@viquity.com


org:Sun Microsystems;Java Software
adr:;;1 Network Drive, MS BUR02-302;Burlington;MA;01803-0902;USA
fn:Farrukh S. Najmi

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