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Subject: POC Press event Ideas

Hi all,

	Here is a preliminary POC plan for the press event. Please think thru and
see if this is workable, fair and includes everybody who wants to

	Start with Nick's POC slides (Nick)
	Go to the Architecture slide upto the point where the three transparent
boxes appear showing the design, configuration and run time. (Mark)

	Go directly to the TPA track - intro slide (Krishna)
	TPA track sequence diagram (Krishna)
	TPA Track topology
		Farrukh's GUI (Farrukh)
			Shows interoperable registry by Sun, XMLs and Sterling
		Mark's GUI (Mark) showing TPA formation
		Fujitsu-Netfish (showing TPA Proposal) (Iwasa,Sanjay)

		*********** Question : Do we have NetFish and Fujitsu participation to
show this ?

	Introduce AIAG track (Sid)
	AIAG Track - Marketplace example

		IPNet - Viquity - IBM

		*********** Question : Does this make sense ? Can IPnet/Viquity/IBM work
this out Or

				Should we do the GCI track with IPNet-Viquity-IBM ?

	end of demo

		*********** Did we leave out anybody ?

	My approximation is this will take about 25 minutes.


	We need 20-25 minutes to show the breadth of vendor participation. I think
it is Ok as we need to show that this is real and many companies *have*
stuff working across their products.

	If we have three screens as follows it would be good:

	#1 projector with 4 or 8 monitor switch to show buyer side
	#2 projector with 4 or 8 monitor switch to show seller/supplier side
	#3 projector tied to one computer to show the slides

	In Tokyo, we had two projectors and used one for the slides. So we switched
between the buyer/seller with one projector


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