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Subject: [Fwd: ebXML SF Press Event Meeting Minutes, 11/21/00]


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Subject:  ebXML SF Press Event Meeting Minutes, 11/21/00
Date:  Wed, 22 Nov 2000 10:33:37 -0800
From:  "Susy Struble" <susan.struble@eng.sun.com>
To:  "Carol Geyer" <cgeyer7@home.com>, "Steven Yung" <steven.yung@sun.com>,<srosen@extol.com>, <iwasa@fs.fujitsu.com>, <breuer@us.ibm.com>,<ksaneii@ipnetsolutions.com>, <lwagman@netfish.com>,<t.nakao@ntta.com>, <nanneman@savvion.com>, <erind2@home.com>,<eduard.weijgers@tie.nl>, <shickman@viquity.com>,<bcox@exchangecomm.com>, <lisa.faust@xmls.com>, <pete@parnold.com>,<meredith.wehmann@xmls.com>, <slangdon@cisco.com>,<nkeating@webMethods.com>, <anthony.dutton@xmlglobal.com>,<mnaughton@interwoven.com>, <Annette_Herr@stercomm.com>,<tracee.larson@edelman.com>
CC:  <CATHERINE_MALONE@sfo.bm.com>, <marguerite.michels@eng.sun.com>,<susan.struble@jurassic.eng.sun.com>,"Carol Ann Browne" <carolannb@mindspring.com>

All: My apologies for the delay. Here are meeting minutes from yesterday's meeting, with a draft showflow and general messages/event details attached in Word. I've also attached our list of marketing contacts for this event, which includes the "core event team" contact information, as well as an updated dashboard. Attachments:
+ Draft showflow/messages+ Contact list  --- please send me your updates and confirm participation if there's a ??? next to your company name+ Updated dashboard Steve - could you please forward this to the POC technical team, as I don't have access to the alias? Event will be held at the Ritz Carlton in SF. We'll get you location and shipping address details next week. My apologies if I missed anyone on the call in the attendance list! Please note that I'm on vacation next week. Carol Geyer and Catherine Malone (ccd above) will take the PR lead on this next week. I'll return the evening of 12/4. Thanks again for all of your help with this. I'm looking forward to a great event and good press coverage. I've spoken with a few key press already, both US and European, and everyone's quite keen to hear the news..... I appreciate everyone's time in reading this note and paying attention to listed action items in this message as well as on the dashboard. I didn't have time to pull them together into one list. We cannot get the venue for 12/11, so unfortunately for those at the e business expo, we'll have to go with 12/12. We'll deal w/ the issues regarding press on this. For those vendors w/ execs at the show and not at the 12/12 event, I think we'll have to go w/ handling what we can w/ folks on site and quick cell phone calls. I'm really sorry for the overlap here. Happy Thanksgiving,Susy  MEETING MINUTES11/22/00 Attending:Carol Geyer - OASIS, PRSusy Struble - Sun, PRKrishna Shankar - Cisco, technical contactSid Askary, NetFish, technical contactMark Callal (?) - Interwoven, technical contactJoe Baran - Extol, technical contact. Joe - I don't have you marked as participating --- will you be able to?Ed Julson - Sun, marketingBill Cox, Viquity (Exchange Communications), marketingKazunori Iwasa, Fujitsu, marketingConstabium - technical (French)Ann ??? - Savvion, marketing (don't have contact info)Valerie - Sterling Commerce, marketing, don't have contact infoDennis O'Connor,  (???) Associates for XML SOlutions, marketingMalanie - IPNET Solutions, PR, don't have contact infoMeredith Wehmann and Pete Arnold - XML Solutions, marketing  Our next call will be 11/29, Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m.Call in number: 334-240-1633Host number: 559090  (Carol Geyer)Participant Code: 632275   1. Reviewed proposed showflow, press release process, supporting materials, possible analyst participation, possible video production. Plans seem to be on track and everyone in agreement on general outline.2. Discussed possibilty of changing date to 12/11 as many vendors will be at a tradeshow in NYC on 12/12. Checked into this and it's not possible, unfortunately. Save the Date notes on the 12/12 have also already been sent3. Krishna (Cisco) to send list of technical requirements for demo (pls. send to marguerite.michels@eng.sun.com and cc Susy and Ed)4. Sid (Netfish) to collate list of people confirmed for demo participation and send to Susy, Carol, Ed5. Bill (Viquity) to draft one pager on vendor participation in POC and ebXML6. Discussed possible analysts for event. Please send your suggestions to Carol, Catherine Malone, and SusyNew suggestions were:Joann Friedman at Meta - supply chain/ecommerceNavi Radju at Forrester - Viquity knows him & recently met w/ him, very well spokenMark Geuidici at Dataquest/Gartner - based in San Jose, has written on ebXML7. Question about vendors interested in using GCI and AIAG in their releases. Carol has PR contacts for both and will send to team. Sid (NetFish) can also help.8. Ed Julson to work on getting a GCI and AIAG representative to the event


ebXML Press Event dashboard.doc

ebXML Media Event showflow.doc

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