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Subject: ebXML SF press event -- update on scenarios and such


Thanks to those who have responded to my e-mail last evening on scenarios
for the SF ebXML press event's PoC. Let me address some of the points that
were made, and request your assistance in crafting the scenarios:

*	webMethods has expressed interest in participating; at Tokyo, their
participation was thwarted due to a hardware failure; I welcome them back,
and we'll need to figure out a way to integrate them into the proposed
scenarios (see below);
*	the question was raised by Joe Dalman of TIE Commerce why we're
suggesting to show AIAG rather than GCI: I don't have a strong preference
either way; the reason I picked AIAG is because of the way we've allocated
the participants to the tracks: after doing the allocations for tracks 1 and
2, IBM and IPNet are the participants that are left to show an actual
messaging scenario; given that they are all set up for the AIAG scenario, I
thought it best to stick with that (for the sake of minimizing the
possibility of introducing changes that might destabilize a working demo);  
*	Ed Julson brought up a very important point: we need to allow enough
time to write the slides and scripting to go with the screens that we will
be showing; we need to ASAP decide what screens to show, so that Ed and his
team can work on the slides; Nick: is it possible to send the slides that
you presented at Tokyo?; a good first cut would be for Ed et al. to map the
existing slides against the scenarios that we are suggesting for the SF
demo; I assume that the screens that we'll show will be pretty much the same
ones as at Tokyo, but of course fewer of them, to comply with the new scaled
down scenarios;   
*	NTT-COM will participate in the TPA formation scenario if Fujitsu
and Netfish agree -- could someone from these companies please confirm?

I won't be able to attend tomorrow's PoC conference call, as I am traveling.
However, Nick has suggested that we focus tomorrow's call on the Vancouver
PoC, rather than on the San Francisco event. Therefore, please use the
e-mail forum to discuss issues related to the SF event. If need be, we'll
set up a separate conference call next week to discuss.

As far as webMethods is concerned, I would suggest that we try to integrate
them into track 3, i.e., the AIAG scenario, as another buyer. In other
words, we'll have two buyers, two sellers, and one hub in that scenario. Any

Given that we're running out of time, I'd like to get consensus on the
proposed scenarios as soon as possible, Monday at the latest. The sub-team
can then get together to hammer out the details and work with the marketing
team to help craft the business message and the accompanying slides.

If you have any issues with the proposed scenario, please let the entire PoC
team know as soon as you can.


Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

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