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Subject: RE: f2f meeting

Yes I'm back!

Netfish will host the f2f here in Santa Clara.  Hatem Suggested 1/30, 2/1.
That's fine with me.  Let me know what you think.


-----Original Message-----
From: Nicholas Kassem [mailto:Nick.Kassem@eng.sun.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 4:50 PM
To: ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: f2f meeting

I suspect we will, once again, need to have a f2f  to nail things down. I 
propose 01/30 & 01/31. If you agree then let's try and minimize travel - 
any suggestions for location/host ?


At 03:23 PM 11/28/2000 -0800, jacques durand wrote:

>Updated by Savvion:
>11/30           Sun
>12/07           Interwoven
>12/14           Viquity
>12/21           Cisco
>01/11             IBM
>01/18           Fujitsu
>01/25            Savvion

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