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Subject: Fwd: ebXML at XMLOne London - IMPORTANT

Please note that at least two individuals will have an opportunity to speak 
in a POC Session in London. There is a sense of urgency to this so please 
review Simon Nicholson's e-mail ASAP. We will be discussing this on the 
conf. call tomorrow.


p.s. I have the following for the tomorrow's agenda.

1) Update on the PR event (Mark Hale, Phillipe, et.al.)
2) Status of Vancouver proposals (All)
3) Technology priorities over the next Six months (Nick, et.al.)

>Yesterday at XML 2000 I met with the conference organisers for XML One
>London in March, at which we plan to make a "reasonable" amount of noise in
>support of the upcoming 'launch' of the ebXML infrastructure.  As you will
>see in the note below the organisers are excited about our participation,
>and have offered us an entire track in their conference program (good
>news).  However, we need to move very quickly to secure this track, and I
>am therefore seeking submissions from each of the Project Leads (or
>appropriate representative) of the Committees producing specifications,
>plus a submission from the POC team.
>We have up to 9 sessions available and the content needs to be technical in
>nature and vendor independent.  I propose that one of the sessions talk
>about the 35,000 ft view, and one of the sessions discuss how to implement
>from a POC point of view.  Therefore, can you please, as a matter of
>urgency pull together an abstract with bio for a speaker from your team,
>and submit to Tara Riordan at XML One (feel free to copy me in).  This
>needs to happen this week as they are about to submit the first promotional
>brochure for print (it will be distributed early in Jan 2001).
>Also we have been offered a keynote on the Wednesday pm of the conference
>for a POC demo.  We have also been offered a press conference prior to
>this.  I need confirmation from the POC team that this is acceptable.

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