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Subject: ebXML SF PoC: detailed scenarios and slideware


[Apologies if you receive this multiple times.]

 <<ebXML_POC_SF v3.ppt>> 

Mark Hale and I sat down yesterday and went over the PoC scenarios for the
SF ebXML press event. They are included below. Attached is also a
presentation that Steve Yung started and that Mark and I augmented with a
couple of slides depicting the scenarios. I'll leave it up to Steve and the
other marketing folks to modify these slides as they see fit.

Please note that the scenarios and slides are based on what has been
communicated to us in terms of participation. If there is any change in
that, please let us know ASAP, as it will become increasingly harder to
modify the scripts as we get closer to next week's event. Also, please
observe the deadlines that are listed below. As I mentioned before, there
will be a conference call tomorrow (Thursday) at 1PM (Pacific time) to
discuss this (this call is in addition to the regularly scheduled PoC call
at 9AM Pacific).

Here's a list of  Mark and I came up with. Some of it was addressed earlier
today in the PR conference call.

------------  For Press People  -----------------

- We would like the room starting from 1pm PST on Monday afternoon [note:
Susy Struble told me that the room will be available from Monday at noon --
that's great news; all: please try to be there as early as you can]

- We will need a 12 port hub or greater [note: let's discuss in tomorrow's

- We will need 9 monitor extensions (suggested 12' or greater) to insure
that laptops reach the distance to the monitor switched [note: let's

------------  For POC  -----------------

- Deadlines:

	Friday, 1pm PST:  Confirm participation of roles as
				given below.

	Monday, 1pm PST:  Setup begins at Mark Hopkins [note: we can start
at noon]

	Monday, 6pm PST:  Any participant not present will be
				dropped from the demo.  This is an
				absolute deadline.

- Choreography of POC:

    There are two video switches (A & B; four ports each)
    Three people will be speaking
       Shown by plusses (+) below
    Nine vendors will show software
       Shown by dashes (-) below
    Eleven vendors will be executing

Here's the flow of the event -- between parentheses is the name of the
participant whose screen will be shown during that particular step. Each
'track' has a moderator, as listed.

+Introduction (Hale)
+Formation of Trading Partner Relationships (Askary)
  -Registry drilldown (SUN)  [Port A1]
  -Registry response (XMLS) [Port A2]
  -TPA Formation (Interwoven) [Port A3]
      (Sterling Commerce will be used for query)
	(Cisco will be used for merge)
  -Proposal (Fujitsu) [Port B1]
	(Note:  Ports A1-A4 are switched here to new computers)
  -Acceptance (NTT-COM/Netfish) [Port B2]
+Conducting Business on the Internet - Automotive (De Smedt)
  -Supplier - Shipment (IBM) [Port A1] (= shipment notice sent from IBM to
  -Hub - Marketplace (Viquity) [Port A2] (= shows hub activity)
  -Buyer - Receipt Notification (IPnet) [Port A3] (= receipt notification
sent from IPNet to IBM)
  -Supplier - Acknowledgement (Savvion) [Port A4] (= receipt acknowledgement
sent from Savvion to IPnet)
+Conclusion (Hale)

Yes, and all of this is 15 minutes!  :)

Hope to hear you all on the conference call tomorrow.

Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

ebXML_POC_SF v3.ppt

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