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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: RE: updated ebXML SF PoC contact list

Updated list:

Extol:              Joe Baran:           570-590-0596, e-mail to
Fujitsu:            Kazunori Iwasa:      408-887-3462
IBM:                Sig Handelman:       917-853-5494
Interwoven:         Mark Hale:           408-316-8731
IPNet:              Hatem El-Sebaaly:    949-510-5076
Netfish:            Sid Askary:          408-373-6086
NTT Communications: Takayuki Nakao:      415-307-2327
Savvion:            Jacques Durand       408-807-5979
Sterling Commerce:  Dale Moberg:         614-270-7840
Viquity:            Philippe De Smedt:   650-483-8682
XML Solutions:      JP Morgenthal:       703-298-5630, pager

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