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Subject: Re: Synchronous Messaging Proposal - Some Thoughts

Hi group,
   The synchronous/asynchronous topic is of special interest to me. Here 
is my 0.02$ to consider:

1.  Make the clear distinction in the TRP Message specification between 
acknowledgement messages and reply messages. Ack messages are sent by 
the MSH layer to another MSH layer and are central to the ebxml 
messaging protocol. Reply messages are sent on behalf of the application 
or service and convey some meaning exterior to the ebxml messaging protocol.

2.  Acknowledgement messages deserve the most reliable delivery method 
available. In a synchronous transport protocol such as HTTP/HTTPS, this 
is readily available and is the immediate connection upon which the 
request was made.
   Proposal: OnceAndOnlyOnce messages should be required to use a 
synchronous transport medium. The acknowledgement should arrive on the 
same connection as was used to send the original message.

3. One-way protocols (SMTP) are inherently bad choices for building an 
additional layer of reliability upon. However, because they often have 
their own assured delivery mechanisms, they make good choices for 
"BestEffort" messages.
   Proposal: BestEffort messages should be required to use an 
asynchronous transport.

Dick, would 2 and 3 infringe on DOE requirements?

// mike.joya@xmlglobal.com
// XML Global
// POC Project Team - ebXML
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604.717.1100 x230

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