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Subject: Two POC proposals for 'Geneva'

To the POC work group:

I am re-submitting two POC proposals that were previously submitted
for the canceled Vancouver POC.  

1. The Business Process Editor (BPE), an html-forms based tool for creating,
    changing and re-using ebXML-compliant business process models 
    without needing to know UML or XML.

    There will be a lunch-and-learn demo of the BPE in Vancouver.

2. A DSL-field service timeslot scheduling scenario entitled
    Business Collaboration Proposal that is intended to prove
    the BP Specification Schema, so that end-to-end POCs
    including business processes will work.

    The DSL scenario has a Field Service Provider role that can
     be filled by any number of providers, allowing for many participants
     in the same collaboration.  Then the customer decides on the
     best one.

I am submitting both of these proposals in one email, but the BPE
should be considered a separatable proposal since it should will work
with any business process, not just the DSL scenario.

Links to these POC proposals can be found at the bottom of this page:

Both proposals will go through some revisions in the next
few days to deal with some known deficiencies.  If any reader
spots others, please let the authors know by replying to this

Note:  two more emails may be forthcoming on each proposal
separately.  I just wanted to get this re-submission in before
the deadline.

Bob Haugen

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