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Subject: Minutes POC Telecon - January 25, 2001

POC Telecon - January 25, 2001

	Michael Joya, XML Global
	JP Morgenthal, XML Solutions
	Jacques Durand, Savvion
	Hatem ElSebaaly, IP Net
	Dale Moberg, Sterling Commerce
	Philippe DeSmedt, Viquity
	Joe Dalman, Tie Commerce
	Cherkassky, Dimitri, Commerce One
	Takayuki Nakao, NTT America
	Sid Askary, Netfish
	Mark Hale, Interwoven

Discussion Items:
 +Feedback for Messaging (TR&P) Spec 0.92
    -	Do not put digital signature in header

	    Requires that the XML document be
		processed in order to extract
		signature.  Overhead is deemed to be
		sufficiently high for this capability.

	    Enveloping consistency should be confirmed.
		Authentication check should be required to
		open payload.

	    Perhaps add as a part in MIME.

    - Spec is heavyweight for message consumers

    - Routing management is not addressed

          The multi-hop messaging is extremely complex
		and little mention is made as how to manage
		the complexity.  The concern here is 
		that the complexity will result in one-off
		partner integrations and static routes
		which does not promote interoperability.

    - Need multi-party profile for multi-hop
	    CPA's have focused to date on end-end business
		messaging and not on transport.  Multi-hop
		requires an intermediary.  This needs to
		be made consistent with the TP group.

    - POC reference:  there is a RM sub-group within TR&P

 +Registry and Repository Spec comments will be
    discussed on the 2/1/01 POC telecon

 +London update
    - Commitment will not be made until proposals are 

    - Two events:  XML One, London, Mar 19-22
			 XML DevCon, New York City, April 9-10

    - Geneva end-end proposals are due on 1/26
    - Requested that old Vancouver proposals be re-submitted
        and updated.

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