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Subject: TP Spec and DTD

There was a question about the TP Spec that was used for Tokyo on this
morning's teleconference.  I attached a ZIP file with the following files in

	tpaML version 1.0.6 specification proposed to
	ebXML by IBM.  This is the basis for the
	TP version 0.0 specification.  An udpated
	document referencing version 0.0 was not
	available in Tokyo.

	DTD in compliance with tpaML 1.0.6.

	DTD used in Tokyo.  Had element corrections
	from tpa_1_0_6.dtd and is used for the
	CPP and CPA in Track 1, 2, and 3.

Inidividual CPA and CPPs can be found on the web site for samples.




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