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Subject: Re: Reflector online

Michael Joya wrote:
>   I meant to announce this during the telecon this morning, but I was
> late and figured it was best left to email anyway.
>   I've placed two services online to allow other parties to test
> interoperability. One service sends ebXML v0.93 messages and one
> receives them. Both services are usable and configurable through a small
> web-app GUI.

I think it was discussed today that London/NY POC would use TRP 0.21d.
That makes me wonder whether the services you have put online will be
useful for London/NY POC preparation? Perhaps you can comment?


> http://poc.xmlglobal.com:8080/
> ...and read the instructions on the page.
>   Once you've logged in, you can use the menus and forms to create
> ebXML messages and send them to other MSHs. You can even register your
> own MSH as 'an associate' and it will appear in the form that allows
> others to send messages to it.
>   You can also use your ebXML MSH agent to send messages to a Reflector
> service that I have set up. Instructions for doing so are at:
> http://poc.xmlglobal.com:8080/services/poc/Reflector.txt
> ...feel free to mail me with questions if you have trouble getting this
> to work.
>    I am committed to maintaining this service through until New York.
> I estimate that sometime after the NY event I will upgrade Reflector to
> use a SOAP envelope in line with the release of the associated TRP spec.
> --
> // Michael Joya
> // XML Global Research and Development
> // 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
> // Vancouver, Canada
> // 604-717-1100x230
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Evan Ireland              Sybase EAServer Engineering        eireland@sybase.com
                            Wellington, New Zealand               +64 4 934-5856

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