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Subject: Re: Reflector online

Evan Ireland wrote:

> I think it was discussed today that London/NY POC would use TRP 0.21d.
> That makes me wonder whether the services you have put online will be
> useful for London/NY POC preparation? Perhaps you can comment?

  It was discussed in Vancouver that newcomers to the group could not and would not
be supporting 0.21d. It was decided that newcomers in the automotive track and in
the would engineer a 0.93 solution whereas the oldtimers would redisplay their
Tokyo implementation.

  When I signed myself up for the tracks, I did so with the proviso that I would
support the latest spec given before the SOAP change. I started engineering my
software in December and will not support deprecated work that was written in

// Michael Joya
// XML Global Research and Development
// 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604-717-1100x230

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