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Subject: Re: SOAP Parsers & Software libraries


>   I am evaluating SOAP software. So far I have only taken a look at Apache SOAP, which is based on
IBM's SOAP4J contribution. Has anyone found anything better in terms of SOAP parsers? I find that
current releases of this software lack substantial documentation and support.

I'm Yuji Sakata ,working NTT Data Corp and joined POC WG at Vancouver.
I'm also implementing ebXML MSH and I agree with you on Apache SOAP.
You might find a suitable SOAP library in

As for myself, I haven't choose which libraries to use for implementing MSH yet..
I might use Apache SOAP v2.1, AXIS(the next release of Apache SOAP) or BEA's implementation.

If you would find the adequate SOAP parser, I'm appreciated it if you would let me know.

Yuji Sakata (NTT Data Corp.)

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