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Subject: RE: SOAP Parsers & Software libraries


	I am also looking at xml.apache.org/axis for writing my own XML
Infrastructure (for web services) - SOAP,ebXML,... Am using a servlet to get
the http and then do the hard work myself ;-0 Have plans to abstract the
transport and later use other methods like Jini, RMI et al.

	What we need (to implement ebXML) is a real SOAP parser which gives us the
template framework to call our methods. FYI, I am basing my work on XMLP
abstract model - modules, handlers, blocks et al.

	Just as a note, the pull parsers like xpp could make life a little easier
especially for an ebXML engine.

	How are you folks using the SOAP ? As an RPC to a facade ?


|-----Original Message-----
|From: SAKATA Yuji [mailto:ysakata@rd.nttdata.co.jp]
|Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 4:29 PM
|To: Michael Joya; ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
|Subject: Re: SOAP Parsers & Software libraries
|>   I am evaluating SOAP software. So far I have only taken a look
|at Apache SOAP, which is based on
|IBM's SOAP4J contribution. Has anyone found anything better in
|terms of SOAP parsers? I find that
|current releases of this software lack substantial documentation
|and support.
|I'm Yuji Sakata ,working NTT Data Corp and joined POC WG at Vancouver.
|I'm also implementing ebXML MSH and I agree with you on Apache SOAP.
|You might find a suitable SOAP library in
|As for myself, I haven't choose which libraries to use for
|implementing MSH yet..
|I might use Apache SOAP v2.1, AXIS(the next release of Apache
|SOAP) or BEA's implementation.
|If you would find the adequate SOAP parser, I'm appreciated it if
|you would let me know.
|Yuji Sakata (NTT Data Corp.)
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