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Subject: Re: SOAP Parsers & Software libraries

Krishna Sankar wrote:
> Hi,
>         I am also looking at xml.apache.org/axis for writing my own XML
> Infrastructure (for web services) - SOAP,ebXML,... Am using a servlet to get
> the http and then do the hard work myself ;-0 Have plans to abstract the
> transport and later use other methods like Jini, RMI et al.
>         What we need (to implement ebXML) is a real SOAP parser which gives us the
> template framework to call our methods. FYI, I am basing my work on XMLP
> abstract model - modules, handlers, blocks et al.
>         Just as a note, the pull parsers like xpp could make life a little easier
> especially for an ebXML engine.
>         How are you folks using the SOAP ? As an RPC to a facade ?

  I wrote my own SOAPServlet to allow people to write SOAP-enabled webapps. I use the same methodology for EbxmlServlets. To write a webapp for a given protocol, you simply subclass the appropriate servlet just as you would with HttpServlet. I also subclass ServletRequest and Session to allow access to high-level helpers and interfaces for SOAP and ebXML. These helpers make up the framework that allows you to create and access things like Collaboration, Conversation, and BusinessProcess objects.

  The client-side code is a lower-level set of classes that constrains the creation and communication of messages. The same framework helpers and interfaces are used on the client side to deliver a consistent API feel.

// Michael Joya
// XML Global Research and Development
// 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604-717-1100x230

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