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Subject: Comments on Vienna spec 0.56

pp. 9, 10.  Figures 2, 3.
The figures do not show Product Catalogue exchange.  The figures do show an
order entry scenario that I thought we were not doing.

p. 14. Steps 4 and 5.
These steps refer to Arrange Payment and Authorize Payment.  The interaction
diagram on p. 18 refers to Credit Request and Credit Authorization.  

p. 16, second diagram.  
- The role of the Hub needs to be clearly defined.  What is a Hub for the
purposes of this dem?  How is its behavior different from an Exchange?
- Why is the MSH shown separately in the Exchange-to-Seller interaction?
Won't the Buyer (and the Hub?) also use the MSH?

p. 18, diagram.  
Could we have the Credit Authorization and the Invoice go through the

p. 18, 1.9 "...Core Components will be used to create 4 documents..."
I thought we would be using one of the payload formats listed in 1.7.  I am
concerned that CC is not mature enough to be used in the demo.

p. 22, Figure 6.  It might make sense to restructure the interaction diagram
to route all documents through the clinical database/repository.  This way
all information can be saved at the repository and retrieved at a later

Dimitri Cherkassky
Manager, Engineering
Commerce One
(925) 520-4236 - office
(925) 352-7897 - cell

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