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Subject: RE: Comments on Vienna spec 0.56

Hi Dimitri,
I still need to talk to Sig about filling in the BP details but to your
comments : 
> pp. 9, 10.  Figures 2, 3.
> The figures do not show Product Catalogue exchange.  The 
> figures do show an
> order entry scenario that I thought we were not doing.
Trust me, in a real business world, figures 2 & 3 go way beyond order entry.
The pictures are meant to graphically show to essential business elements of
a real business where promising a customer, buying and selling inventory
with customer and vendor payments included and direct to customer product
delivery are all going on.

Now product catalog exchanges itself is a very interesting subject
(especially for very large catalogs with 300,000 plus products) where XML
technology, especially for digital content, has many descriptive advantages
over traditional EDI business processes (but maybe isn't as size efficient
as old EDI). 
What I was wondering was if you could sketch out the business process case
within which the activity of product catalog exchange might be used, showing
esssentially why ebXML is better than say EDI ?



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