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Subject: Re: data sets

Liora Alschuler wrote:

> Since HL7 apps are developed to work in an XML messaging environment, I'm
> not sure that there is a great deal of integration work required.

  It isn't quite as simple as agreeing on a message format. For your application to work with mine on the same machine, they have to agree on an invocation model or sharing protocol. Does an HL7 app place its XML in a static predetermined directory? Is it transferred via windows clipboard? Over RPC? COM? CORBA? RMI? HTTP?  Or does a user have to manually save the data and feed it into my application? These details make a huge degree of difference as to whether or not the app can be integrated on time. If it can't, we need to write our own simple versions of the apps. Integration to an existing application is typically not a couple days of work. The earlier we receive these details, the better.

> Unfortunately, you would not be addressing use of ebXML for healthcare -- 
> it would remain in the realm of the theoretical. 

  Can we do both? Proving it in theory is the most resource-effective. Given my experience with these demonstrations, I also think that it would leave a better impression on our audience.

> Perhaps if I understood the type of constraint posed by a payload larger
> than 10 elements I could help solve this issue. By most measures, these are
> relatively short, uncomplex XML documents.

  The longer the payload, the more complex the gui or app that must service it. If we have to implement apps, I would like them to be as simple as possible, as the apps have no reusable value to us after the demo.

// Michael Joya
// XML Global Research and Development
// 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604-717-1100x230

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