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Subject: RE: data sets

Michael wrote:
>   The longer the payload, the more complex the gui or app 
> that must service it. If we have to implement apps, I would 
> like them to be as simple as possible, as the apps have no 
> reusable value to us after the demo.

Actually thats why I was proposing t use exisiting apps/guis:

I have available:

- SFA Offline client with a simple flat file directory export (orders) and
import (material list). Industrie: Sales Force of an Supplier for Retail

- SAP IDOC Outbound (RFC or Business Connector). Easisest as of Setting up
data in sAP would be an ORDER.

Unfortunatelly both wont show a turn around (maye we can get an
OrderResponse as long at is only an Acknowledegemnt, no change)

Since orders are uncommon in automotive that would be a retail sample, too.

Both Applications can be integrated in out EAI Server, for SAP I need
Internet Access, would this be able in Vienna?


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