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Subject: Re: SOAP implementation for Vienna?

Dick ,Chris and POC members,
Thanks you for the contact with Apache SOAP-developers,Dick.
Thanks you for a comment about my mail,Chris.

I continue implementing MSH using Apache/SOAP.
Since it's too far between the U.S. and Japan to visit the U.S. twice a few
weeks,I don't join this week's F2F POC meeting. So I'm looking forward to
seeing folks at Maryland and Vienna!


> Folks,
> I've forwarded the e-mail from SAKATA Yuji to the Apache SOAP-developers
> list, in the hope
> that these issues will get some review/comment/resolution. I've also
> suggested to the Apache Group that there would
> be some benefit to both groups from close cooperation. Anyone who is
> planning to use Apache SOAP should consider joining
> the Apache SOAP developers list at http://xml.apache.org/soap
> Regards,

  Yuji Sakata
  NTT Data Corporation

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