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Subject: Re: security in healthcare track

At 04:47 PM 4/25/01 -0700, Himagiri Mukkamala wrote:
>Hi Liora,
>One of the conversations from Doc to either the hospital or
>the Clinical information portal will use XMLDSIG.


>I have a question though on the DTD for the second conversation,
>which is patient records from doc/pcp to the clinical portal.
>Is the DTD for this the same as patient registration dtd which will be
>used for registering a patient with hospital
>---     CDS-sample-reg-v3.xml (Care Data)

no, the "patient record" is an instance of the Clinical Document 
Architecture (ANSI/HL7 CDA R1.0-2000). The CDA DTD is the levelone_1.0.dtd 
which uses header_1.0.dtd and v3dt_1.0.dtd. (The reg message uses 
CDS-sample-reg-v3.xml and v3dt_1.0.dtd).

Hope that clears up any confusion.

Later today, Jon Farmer and/or Martin Rose from Care Data will be posting a 
new set of instances that use a consistent set of patient data. These will, 
of course, use the same DTDs that you have now, but we should use the new 
sample data in the demo.



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