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Subject: RE: [Vienna Docs] Duns and IP numbers

Questions proposed for discussion on POC call

>To: Askary, Sid; ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
>Subject: RE: [Vienna Docs] Duns and IP numbers
>Here is the list (Thanks Bill).

1. Cyclone Commerce, like several other testers,
   has no assigned DUNS and IP on the list that was sent.
2. The intermediary is still in the hl7 scenario.
  If it stays, then will it need:
   *  a Via element?
   *  a TraceHeaderList, initialized with the initial MSH info?
3.  Also, if XMLDsig is used through the hub, we are testing
  some of the trickiest features in the TRP 0.99 approach before
  we have even established XMLDsig interoperability in the simple
  peer to peer case. I am all for eventual full system tests,
  but let's try to build up to them by trying the simpler cases
4. Does anyone wish to exchange signed XML headers before next
  Monday? Send to me and I will have ours sent back. We have found
  a way to generate signatures that pass both core validity
  and signature checks under xss4j. (We have also found several ways
  to do this and have them fail!!...) Are people using RSA-SHA1 signatures
  or DSA-SHA1? If people receiving from Cyclone (lab, hub-lab, clinical
  do not implement XMLDsig, can they still handle
  headers that have these elements in them?

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