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Subject: Re: [Vienna Docs] Duns and IP numbers

Just out of curiosity, some questions.

1) why are we using fictitious DUNS+4 numbers as opposed
to real ones? Note also that there have been comments filed
against the TR&P spec regarding our (previous to v0.99) examples
using a DUNS+4 sample. I wouldn't want to have the same
question raised during the POC demo. I'd recommend use of
a 9 digit DUNS number rather than the 13 digit DUNS+4.

2) What is the "code" that will be used for identifying
the fact that the value of the PartyId element is a 
DUNS number. I assume it is "DUNS" (Dale's sample (generic)
CPA used <tp:PartyId tp:type="DUNS">123456789</tp:PartyId>.

3) Use of a local physical location for the various schema
used should be avoided if possible. A path of C:\yadda\yadda\yadda
doesn't translate well to non-Windows OS platforms such as Linux
and Solaris;-) I would strongly advise use of a web
location (e.g. someone could host the schema from their
web server (e.g. ...)
and that would provide everyone with access.



Dale Moberg wrote:
> Questions proposed for discussion on POC call
> today:
> >To: Askary, Sid; ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
> >Subject: RE: [Vienna Docs] Duns and IP numbers
> >POC,
> >Here is the list (Thanks Bill).
> >Sid.
> 1. Cyclone Commerce, like several other testers,
>    has no assigned DUNS and IP on the list that was sent.
> 2. The intermediary is still in the hl7 scenario.
>   If it stays, then will it need:
>    *  a Via element?
>    *  a TraceHeaderList, initialized with the initial MSH info?
> 3.  Also, if XMLDsig is used through the hub, we are testing
>   some of the trickiest features in the TRP 0.99 approach before
>   we have even established XMLDsig interoperability in the simple
>   peer to peer case. I am all for eventual full system tests,
>   but let's try to build up to them by trying the simpler cases
>   first.
> 4. Does anyone wish to exchange signed XML headers before next
>   Monday? Send to me and I will have ours sent back. We have found
>   a way to generate signatures that pass both core validity
>   and signature checks under xss4j. (We have also found several ways
>   to do this and have them fail!!...) Are people using RSA-SHA1 signatures
>   or DSA-SHA1? If people receiving from Cyclone (lab, hub-lab, clinical
> portal)
>   do not implement XMLDsig, can they still handle
>   headers that have these elements in them?
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