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Subject: RE: Updated Rose Model

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
Today, we worked more on the Use Cases today and will continue on the
The usecase.zip  file is now available at

We are focusing on the "Submission Process" use case view, which has ongone
major changes.   We added a "submit model or work request" activity diagram
(workflow), and well as "login" (username/password - yes, certificates not
modeled) and "register" use cases and their respective activity diagrams.
An actor relationship diagram was created to relate to ISO 11179 party
definitions as best we could.



This looks good.  BIG missing pieces I see however is in the ACTORS

I'd like to add two - 

ACTOR - Business User - 

Role: utilizes content to facilitate trading partner location, sign-up,
integration, and
electronic business process implementation.  Little or no specific
electronic information processing knowledge, but expert on business domain
and business needs. (i.e. typical Internet / Web end user skill sets - can
equipment, but is not a 'mechanic').  Needs to migrate existing paper based
processes to an electronic environment via XML syntax.

ACTOR - Repository Custodian -

Role: manages and maintains repository information in a business vertical. 
in-depth knowledge of the specific business, and experienced in database
and information systems integration.  Provides librarian capabilites to
filter, associate,
classify and otherwise correct and update accurately information in the
on an on-going basis.

BTW - SmartDraw - http://www.smartdraw.com  provides a quick and easy way
create UML diagrams as GIF or JPG that can be freely distributed, and of
since SmartDraw is shareware - if you send people the raw SDR files they
quickly and easily review / make comments / changes too.  (To access the 
UML templates in SmartDraw libraries Find on the word 'ACTOR'.

Enjoy, DW.

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