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Subject: Re: UML Model changes posted

| Use Case View
| Business Domain Workflow Package
| Added new Domain Use Case
| Register Items
|     Self Service approach to submission 

Could you describe that in prose?

|     Is this the same approach to ISO 11179?
| Classify Items
|     Could this be done by the submitting organization?

Yes, and it would be useful if it were, even if the 
classification had to be revised.

| Store Items
|     Placement of submission into the repository 
|     Is this automatic on registration? Should be...

I think so.


|     These approaches will be consolidated. Need more information on XML Schema
|     and equivalent handling of DTD Entity references 

I'm trying to get through the 25 Feb version, but correspondence
on xml-dev indicates that much is still undecided.
regards, Terry

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