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Subject: Re: Bizcodes - was (Re: SubmissionPackage DTD)

Message text written by Jon Bosak
>| First 'personsname' may occur in multiple repositories
| with different meaning, and versions.  UNE030041 tells
| me that the owner is UNEDIFACT - so I go straight to
| the right repository, and entry 030041.

Why can't "UNE030041" be used in multiple repositories with
different meanings and versions?  I've looked at this string very
carefully and can't find that guarantee anywhere in it.



Jon, you just spotted the Golden Goose!  Just like with UPC and EAN
for barcodes, you need to have a central registration authority.

That is why I was whittering on about the DOI.org work - they are 
registration service for HTML labels; we need similar for XML.

Longer term I'm seeing CEFACT, DISA X12, ISO, USGov as potential 
registration services here.

I guess I jumped ahead a bit.  Of course the EDI world is used to
having such standardization bodies.   Actually - as we documented
in the XML/edi Group Repository White Paper, such registration
authorities also follow the barcode UPC model - in that large
organizations like Wal-Mart are simply give a barcode range -
say WAM10000 to WAM99999 and told to sub-manage these themselves.

Therefore a request to the central registry for a 'WAM#####' code would
automatically resolve to the Wal-Mart registry server, etc.

Where have you seen this before?  Yeah - DNS servers and mirrors.
No surprises here.

Thanks, DW.

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