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Subject: RE: Bizcodes - was (Re: SubmissionPackage DTD)

Message text written by INTERNET:scampbell@cmass.co.uk
> Where EAN breaks down in today's age is that the
'repositories' of individual organisations are a) not linked b) have no
common format    which makes a full and successful web search of 'who sells
blue pencils' difficult to say the least.

Stuart - terrific stuff!

Now we see the difference between technical semantic bits and bytes
and real world business use!

My understanding is that the EAN does indeed allow members to 
register their barcodes with a central authority - these are then 
'approved' codes.  The rub is that they charge a consideration 
for this, plus annual renewals.  @ 150,000 members, this is a very
sweet little Golden Goose that can keep the EAN inperpetum !!

We definately want to design Bizcodes to hit the sweet
spot of delivering real business value, while being complete
easy to assimulate and create.

Thanks, DW.

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