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Subject: FW: Extensibility launches beta registration for XML Canon, the canonical source of XML infrastructure assets.

Anyone else see this?
>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Reid Conrad [mailto:Reid_Conrad@extensibility.com] 
> Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2000 4:38 PM
> To:	XML_Canon@extensibility.com
> Subject:	Extensibility launches beta registration for XML Canon, the
> canonical source of XML infrastructure assets.
> I am pleased to announce that Extensibility will shortly begin commercial
> testing for XML Canon(tm), the canonical source of XML infrastructure
> assets. I encourage any workgroup serious about collaborating on
> infrastructures for XML applications to sign up for the XML Canon beta
> program.  To learn more and apply for the XML Canon beta program, visit:
> http://www.extensibility.com/ea/xmlcanon/overview.html.
> Extensibility's XML Canon will provide your organization a centralized,
> canonical source for your organization's XML-based application
> infrastructure assets. XML Canon is built utilizing an extensible
> architecture that will provide businesses the ability to manage, publish,
> and process their XML infrastructure assets including:
> 	* XML schemas
> 	* DTDs
> 	* XML documents
> 	* XML stylesheets
> 	* Business documents
> 	* Metadata of existing applications
> Extensibility's XML Authority(tm), XML Instance(tm), and the forthcoming,
> XML Console(tm) will tightly interface to XML Canon, providing your
> organization an incomparable XML infrastructure design, implementation,
> and processing environment. Accelerated development cycles will meet the
> needs of the real-time e-business lifecycles required to achieve today's
> market leadership.
> Using XML Canon, corporate e-business rules become trading group standards
> and influence industries; accelerating the creation and management of a
> new dynamic application architecture. Advanced asset management features
> such as versioning, security, and check-in/check-out services makes XML
> Canon the preferred platform to launch any collaborative XML initiative.
> XML Canon provides organizations centralized control and means of
> distribution for all XML infrastructure assets. Business technology
> lifecycles move at Internet speed with XML Canon.
> Please register to join the forthcoming beta program for XML Canon. We
> will initially roll out the Early Access program to a limited group of
> accounts. General access to XML Canon will be achieved over time. As
> always, if you have special feature requests, let us know.  Register now
> at: http://www.extensibility.com/ea/xmlcanon/signup.html
> Thank you for your support of Extensibility. We are driven by your
> success.
> Regards,
> Reid Conrad
> President and CEO

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