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Subject: Reg/Rep Week Summary from Baereia Meet

My overall assessment of our meetings this week is that we
needed to focus and drive forward and put in place key
aspects leading to Tokyo and the final round of play there.
We need to be entering the Tokyo meeting with as near
to an end-play as possible, given we have only two more
meetings after that to complete all tasks.

The two needs were to solidify the design document work
and prioritize the requirements deliverables, and then to
put in place the equivalent focus for a POC effort for Tokyo.

The next few months are now crucial in effecting real results
by Tokyo, demonstrating interface mechanisms and 
repository interchange syntax derived from the Reg/Rep
build specifications in Parts 2 / 3 / 4.

Crucial to this is the joint POC with Core/BP delivery team,
the outline of which was laid down late Thursday in a 
joint team meeting.

The next deliverable over the immediate two weeks here
following on is to develop a POC proposal for submission 
to Nick Kareem.   This POC will be a joint effort and once 
POC has accepted this - then team members which to 
partake will move over and work under Nick in the POC

The first draft of the POC proposal is being worked on 
right now and will be made available once it is ready
for review by the teams.  After review and agreement,
then it will be forwarded to Nick for comments.

Attached is Bruce Peats meeting notes for the week.
They are a little hard to follow as is - but what they
show is the far reaching topics of discussion generated
and the depth of interest from a very good selection of
people who attended.  Kudos to everyone for great
team input and participation.  We had over 15 people
consistently each day working with us.

One big suggestion from the team that we are 
currently following up on is the idea of using an 
existing Library OO UML model design to help 
accelerate the design effort.

Since Library models are well known - several 
candidates are currently being looked at, and we
have asked IBM and other document management
system vendors for assistance here to provide 
needed materials.   Since one of the major tenets of
ebXML is to re-use and adapt to purpose wherever
possible - this is a logical path to explore right now.

More on both this search and the POC will be
forthcoming as soon as available.

Thanks, DW.

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