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Subject: Use Case and Part2 Flow

I am recommending that the Part2 document not be organized by registry and
then repository, but by the stereotype of each package (<<UI>>, <<Service>>,
<<Application>>), and the logically ordered based on the interdependencies
between each package (see the Domain Package Diagram in Part1).
The order listed is my recommended order with a current tally of the use

UML package: #Use Cases
Company Registration: 6
Submission: 9
Work-in-Progress: 3
Technical Specification: 3

Registry: 18
Transformation Service*: TBD
Quality Assurance Service*: TBD
Workflow Service*: TBD

Repository: 4
LCS: 7

Security: 6
Messaging*: 2
Query*: 4
Storage*: 2
Interface Discovery*: 1

Business Application*: TBD
Development tool*: TBD
Mapping Tool*: 1  (more likely)

* => Use Case Diagram not completed.  More use cases possible


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