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Subject: RE: Wednesday

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
Please find attached the use cases copied and pasted into the "_start"
document.  In word format, sorry.  Its only 70K.



The issue here is that its not just TRP, we need to first look at
the interfaces themselves as a high level architecture diagram.

I don't think UML draws these very well as it was never intended
to model these kind of work flow relations (known UML achilles heel). 
The TA diagram that TA has is a good start point, and then
overlaying the interfaces.  We did a start on this in San Jose.

However, QoS (Quality of Service) is a major factor for all these
interfaces.  Again this can radically impact the use model, but NOT 
change any of the  underlying XML structures of the interface.

Those should stay exactly the same.  This has all been hotly 
debated in TRP for the last two weeks, and I believe having 
initiated a chunk of that I now have a strong handle on how we
can approach this and meet everyones requirements.  

Best is if I provide a written specification 
and associated XML layouts and physical http mechanisms
that will implement the QoS and RegRep mechanisms that 
TRP were discussing.  This will become somewhat of a joint 
effort between our two groups, and will also relate to the TPA
team work - they will need to be happy that their mechanisms
support defining the QoS as a minimum.  Once we have this
designed the same mechanisms will also work nicely for
BP and CC too.

Now - if you can somehow turn that all into UML - sounds good
to me!  That way we have both the words and the UML for 
which ever people prefer according to their religion.

I knew this work item was coming, just I need to get the other
two items I'm on the hook for done first - then we can return to 
this context.

Thanks, DW.

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