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Subject: Minutes from v0.5RegistrySpec Review

Scott Nieman, David Webber, Scott Hinkleman, Farrukh Najmi, Sally Fueger,
Joel Munter, Len Gallagher, Yutaka Yoshida

We started the meeting by reviewing the original plans to complete a Part I
through Part IV document set.  Scott Nieman proposed and the team online
agreed to the a new documentation model that requires us to complete the
	Part I (DOMAIN) Document	( need to get the last version from
Joe Dalman and reopen for editing )
	Registry Specification (RS) 	( currently at v0.5 )
	Repository Information Model 	( currently at v0.1 )
	Registry/Repository Functional Requirements Specification (
currently at v0.1 ) 

Note: Various specific technical pieces of the RS may be developed outside
of the current RS spec with the eventual goal and plans to coalesce all RS
related technical specifications.  In other words, at some points in time,
there may be several RS Technical specifications in development at once.

We agreed that we want to be in a position to "Vote On" and hopefully ratify
a version of the Registry Specification prior to the Tokyo Conference.
There is a general belief that we could have a "complete enough for now"
version by approximately two weeks before Tokyo.
Issues Log from review Session (Excel version) - Please verify that I
captured all relevant meeting comments and set the attributes appropriately.
Please send comments directly to me so that I can correct this list and
re-post this.  I have not yet incorporated any of David Webber written
comments.  I will do so after David and Farrukh agree to what David's issues
with the Registry Specification are.

...sorry for the delay, my unscheduled laptop modifications took longer than

Joel Munter
Intel - eArchitecture Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076


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