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Subject: RE: Comments on 0.5 and DTD's

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
I know that I missed entering some of your written comments (below) into
v0.5 Registry Spec review notes.  As some of your written comments were
brought up by others in the mtg, they should have been captured.  Could you
please review your note below, my minutes from yesterday's meeting,
your recent discussions with Farrukh, and then let me know what else I
should add to the Spec Review Issues list.  I want to make sure that all of
our comments and suggestions are dutifully captured.

Joel - thanks - yes I believe the substance of most of this was indeed

If there's anything really major left I can always re-raise it again next
week -
but like you I'm seeing the next revision of the doc's will deprecate most
of this anyway.

Thanks, DW.

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