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Subject: Re: TPA has attribute named "xmlns"

> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> All V1.0 DTD parsers choke on attribute if you put a namespace in there
> that it was not expecting!!!

Not so. In XML 1.0, there are no validity constraints that are namespace

> Notice that it just thinks the namespace is another attribute - but you
> have not declared it.

Not so. "xmlns" declares a default namespace, and may be empty.
(See the namespaces spec at

> Therefore - you need a parser that is namespace aware - else you get
> an error.

Not so. the xml4j parser distributed with xercxes 1_1_3 processes
tpaML_1_1_6 without error.
This is in fact the expected behavior.

I suspect this error is an artifact of the parser that was used, not a
problem in the DTD.


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