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Subject: agenda for tokyo


Tokyo meeting is coming and I thought it might be a good idea
to start a pre-discussion about the agenda, so I'd like to propose:

1) First, we should lay down the rule about the spec, which we
   must follow. Are we going to re-consider the whole architecture
   again or are we going to do a 'bug fix' if the things proven not
   to be ok in POC? I strongly disagree restarting the whole
   architecture discussion again because we don't have that kind of

2) In regards to the current spec, there are following possible
   a) bug fix - we need to fix things according to POC experience.
   b) missing functionalities - we need to make a phase delivery matrix
      for Vancouver and Vienna. Functionalities are:
      ad hoc query
      distributed registry
      uddi support
      I listed them in alphabetical order, and Farrukh's and my
      priorities are:
      		Yutaka			Farrukh
      	ad hoc query			ad hoc query
      	versioning			pub-sub
      	authentication			distributed-reg
      	distributed-reg			versioning
      	uddi				authentication

      I'm not sure about the priority of pub-sub. My point in that
      prioritization is making a spec which is good enough to be
      reviewed by QR.

So, how does everyone feel about that?

yutaka yoshida

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