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Subject: Re: Ad Hoc Query proposal

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
> Attached is the paper on Ad Hoc query proposal that was made to the team
> during the f2f meeting in Tokyo. Because I was off email I did not
> submit to list until now. The proposal was warmly received by team
> mebers present and there was general agreement to include this
> functionality for Vancouver time frame. We now need to flush out the
> details together. Your thoughts and comments would be greatly
> appreciated.

It would be  misnomer to state 'this was warmly received by team members'
since they did NOT see any of this.

True - the concept was discussed, and there was general agreement in
priniciple.  We should be clear though that everyone now has the chance
to look here at the exact details of Sun's submission to the group to see
the applicability of these specifics.

I'm not going to comment any further - as of today I'm removing myself
from the group to avoid any further occurence - because my presence
is clearly leading to statements that are directed at me specifically.

I would note however that in matters of policy and decisions - Scott
should be making these pronouncements, and while members may
ask that he clarify and concur, procedurally we should be clear on


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