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Subject: Re: taxonomy discussion at OASIS

Jamie Rice wrote:
> Duane/Karl,
> In addition to the NAICS industry codes for taxonomy, there are the standard
> "SIC" codes used by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
> Jamie Rice
> Industry Standards Analyst
> Advanced Technology Group


This illustrates my point exactly why we should have a mechanism for
allowing multiple classification schemes within the registry/repository
information model.  This classification may be useful for one sector
(ie. SEC) yet be meaningless for others.  

What will be needed to implement this idea is a mechanism for allowing
authorized actors the ability to append additional classification
schemes to a repository item without destroying, duplicating or
corrupting the original item.

I am sure there is some software engineer already architecting this 
<wink> ;-) </wink>

Duane Nickull

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