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Subject: GUID: Registry Information Model v0.41

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>It is proposed that this version be submitted to Quality Review modulo
changes based on feedback.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Some comments:

342 : Registry GUID for this object. Globally
unique. It is recommended to use DCE 128 bit GUID.


>>>> This approach while just fine for generating internal
           reference codes, is not OK for the business need 
           we have.   I would assert primarily since that these
           GUID's are NOT just machine goup - but also 
           items that at some point humans may need to 
           verify and handle.  While this may be used in tandem
           with DCE 128 - we still need EDI style labelling ie.

            GCI08301  and AIG00234  and so forth. 

             These mechanisms are simple - but also easy for
            humans to understand.  3 byte prefix - 5 digit reference,
            where the 3 byte prefix refers to the owner organization.

            The alternate approach is to use URN:reference, 
             which since URN is unique will net a GUID that is 

           128 random numbers are convenient for machines but
           do not meet our business need - most clearly since
           inspection of the GUID does not indicate any ownership.
           The model I am preferring is the BARCODE model, EAN
            and UPC - we should look there for inspiration, and also
            be mindful of the STEP and CALS/UDEF and 
            EDIFACT work on GUID schemes.

           Notice also - the use of the word RECOMMENDED is 
           probably OK - but some may prefer qualify this by saying
           DCE 128 / or /  -  and then list alternates based on business
           use case need.


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