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Subject: RE: I object to the objection over object -> RE: Proposal to reso lveinfo model issues

It does have meaning to the registry, since everything in it is an object of
some form.  Is the alternative "thing"?  "Entry", to me, implies singular
but with proper description, I could be swayed.

I agree on the clock cycles, that is why I did not desire any changes.

the only thing about the proposed changes I like at this time are
ExtrinsicObject and IntrinsicObject.  Or ExtrinsicEntry and IntrinsicEntry??


<srh>If following the "everything" is an object as a baseline, 
(which I do not think this way in either programming or Architecture) 
then why would you agree to explicitly having an "object" class? On this 
I like Len's suggestion to change it to something that indicates a root 
has some meaning to the Registry. 

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