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Subject: RIM v0.5 distribution

Team, Congratulations on a very productive meeting yesterday. I have
tried to include almost all the ideas and issues that were raised with
afew exceptions in the attached is RIM 0.5 document. It is a substantial
re-write of the previous document as reflected by the version mumber.

What Changed
-Addresses most issuesidentified in the base information model based as
refinements to "RIM Take 3" proposal on list.
-Added IntrinsicObject and ExtrinsicObject.
-Changed ExternalObject to ExternalLink.

What Not Included
-I could not integrate the security info model changes due to lack of
time (I have worked almost non-stop since our meeting yesterday save 3
hours of sleep). Will do so in a minor rev by sometime tonite and print
with changebars turned on. Look for v0.51 in the morning.

-I could not find time to address the issue regarding Audit trail and
Sunbmission. Again I wil try and do so in 0.51.

Lets have another successful meeting tomorrow. I hope that we have now
passed the major issues and it is all downhill from here for the RIM.
The RS spec is where the next challenges lie for our Jan 12 deadline.

PS: I am copying Tim McGrath in QR as an informal FYI since his team is
our customer and may find this
earlier version useful. I hope I am not violating any protocol here. The
official submission will come from Scott.



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