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Subject: RE: Security Discussion: Changed Agenda: Teleconference : 12/21/200012:30-4pm CDT : RIM discussion follow-up


	I am ambivalent about supporting UN/PW in the registry (for a change ;-)).

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> From: Ahmed, Zahid [mailto:zahid.ahmed@commerceone.com]

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>  Password based auth is so basic that not having
> support is a problem particularly for light-weight
> registry clients that have access to HTTPS transport
> but no PKI and/or cert mgmnt capabilities.

Yep, agreed. And HTTPS would make the transport secure and would fit very
well with lightweight Registry. Good idea.

> as I pointed out before:
> 1) We can specify UserId/Pwd "credential/login" data
> using S2ML which allows us to encrypt the login
> elements;

If we encrypt the credentials, won't we get into the same problems as
before. Where would one get the keys without some kind of a PKI?

> 2) Having password based authentication features
> is very compatible with existing enterprises that
> want to re-use password databases (either in LDAP,
> in existing single-signon user database, or even
> a standard web server).

It will also help us in debugging, testing interoperability et al.


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